Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bing or Google

Of late, there is a lot of noise from Bing and Google is trying to hold its stand (does it really need to? May be !?!).
  • Bing has a neat desktop view, colorful and attractive. Google has a clean white simple search page.
  • Bing and Google both seem to show the results in the same fashion - I remember seeing a video where Bing supposed to be more intuitive, rather than searching for the texts it is supposed to identify what the user is looking for and give results based on that. May be it does, but I have not noticed it in particular.
I know the best comparison always would be to look at the search results, and here is what I did:

Searched for my first name "anandh":
  • The results from each were completely different, though they matched / looked for the name "anandh" with a 'h'. Google was good in showing the "" in its result, while Bing did NOT. Google wins.
  • Google intelligently showed wiki of "Vishwanathan Anand" - while that is good, but not the right one - it thought I misspelled the name. Bing was more specific, it only showed "anandh" and no "anand" - the generic form. Google wins.
Searched for my last name "mahalingam" (rather my father's name):
  • Google started with results from Wiki first, then some YouTube videos (of T.R.Mahalingam) and then finally commercial sites. But Bing directly went to commercial sites - with Wiki results coming later. When someone searches for a "name", they most likely may not be looking for commercial establishments, they would rather prefer to know about that person - at least thats what I wanted to do. Google wins.
  • Google presents a time taken for this search (which was showing 0.37sec) while Bing does not. While I dont know what it actually means (did the entire round trip from my browser to server and then back to my browser made within 0.37 secs or something else) or how helpful it would be to a user (I should see the results fast, thats all.. nothing else) - I see it is cool to see that. But Bing does not give any statistics at this moment. I dont think it gives any vote to Google, but if Bing shows some sort of search performance, it may add value to a user.
Searched for my official full name "anandh mahalingam":
  • Google returned results mostly related to me amazon profile, linkedin profile, etc etc.. but it was also suggesting whether I was looking for "anand mahalingam". It gave results for anand mahalingam as well. Bing gave results only for "anandh" & "mahalingam" and nothing else. It also seem to index recent pages, as I see results from pages that were updated in mid May (about 15-20 days before). I will give credit to Bing for the very fact that the results were latest and were exactly matching my query. Bing wins.
Searched for my school:
  • Google was smart enough to provide me a map, while Bing was showing only pages from the web. This looked cool. While I cannot compare the results for the relatedness, as almost all the results matched the given search string.
So, Bing or Google?? I think it will take some more time for Bing to mature to a competent search engine. But the very fact that it has created a good first impression with the results is impressive. Time will tell ...

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm impressed !

I'm impressed by this guy - Mohnish Pabrai(an article from TOI).

I recently started reading more on investments and came across an article about this guy. A techie fellow, who also had a bite on ventures decided that investment is the best bet for him and started a Hedge fund in 2001. His fund has been raking money all these years - though recent I like his investment principles. They are nothing but that of "Oracle" of Omaha - Warren Buffet - but Mohnish's honesty is worth appreciation, that he himself accepts that he is a simple "cloner" of Buffet's principles.

The Hedge fund is available for only those investors who are ready to lock in 100 grands !! - I wish I could invest in his Hedge Fund though.